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Method and Objectives

The students of the FUTURE PADEL ACADEMY train daily with the Andrés Gimeno method and always hand in hand with our technical team, who accompanies them throughout their padel career, from the junior circuits to the absolute and professional circuit.

The ultimate goal of the entire Andrés Gimeno Competition team is the search for the best player performance, without abandoning academic training and trying to make them grow as athletes and as people.

This method is integrated into all areas of the Academy and its programs, from technique, strategy and physical preparation to eye training, mental training and nutrition, always based on the values ​​​​we want to convey: effort, discipline, companionship, humility, illusion and respect.

At the FUTURE PADEL ACADEMY we apply innovative training systems looking for a series of characteristics:



The teaching team has developed a training system in which Technical Preparation is fully applied in all facets of the FPA. A system that is in continuous movement due to the fact that padel is constantly evolving, especially physical preparation and work on mental skills, which have helped us to see increasingly stronger, faster and more agile players on the professional circuit.

At the FPA we understand that the padel of the present and the future is played first with the “eyes”, then with the “mind”, then with the “legs” and finally with the “hands”.

We apply training systems that go in this direction, combining them with skills such as mobility, winning character, intensity in training and in the match, the competitive mentality and the concentration.

Physical Preparation - Method

A very important aspect has been the transformation of Physical Preparation and its growing importance in player formation and training, from a very early age. Therefore, the physical preparation of the FPA is articulated on two pillars: Coordination Capacities and Injury Prevention.

Coordination Capacities give students the foundations to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant. This includes balance on supports, reaction ability, changes of pace and direction, and footwork. These aspects will be worked on in an integrated way on the court and in the physical preparation sessions, where tasks will be built from the real game, receiving unique treatment.

Injury Prevention is a very important section in the FPA programming. Padel is an asymmetric and aggressive sport that causes imbalances between muscles and joints. Preventive training, which tries to minimize these risks, will focus on the following aspects: joint mobility exercises; stretching of the muscles that tend to shorten in order to relieve tension; strengthening of the stabilizing muscles of the different joints of the body, including the shoulder rotators and the deep muscles of the back.

Mental Preparation - Method

Mental Training focuses on the development of the student’s mental strength, essential to overcome adversity. This is one of the aspects in which our competition team has the greatest impact since, as we have pointed out on other occasions, we understand that paddle tennis is played first with the “eyes”, then with the “mind”, later with the ” legs” and finally with the “hands”.

In this way, the mental strength exercises are carried out on and off the court, with the aim of developing the psychological abilities of the student, thus enhancing their performance both on the paddle tennis court and in other areas of their life.

Quick decision making, thinking under pressure and knowing how to pause and decide are important aspects both in sport and in real life.

The FPA has a complete team of psychologists. They will be next to the student participating in the development of the work plan and supervising him/her to act in the case that aspects of improvement are detected.


Proper nutrition plays a fundamental role in life, in general, and in sports, in particular. Nutritional strategies help improve athlete performance and prevent injuries.

In our competition team, the Nutritional Plan is based on various patterns adapted to the different stages of growth and maturity. And to implement it, teamwork is essential (coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists and doctors), with the aim that the student himself learns to feed himself with the nutrients he needs at all times. For this, in addition to nutritional training and education, cooking workshops are also carried out.


At FPA we understand that competition is an essential tool for student development. Each student has a personalized competition calendar according to their age and level, which includes local or national tournaments. The students will have the accompaniment and advice in the competition by our coaches. This shared experience is essential to work on those aspects of improvement detected in the competition after training.

The tournament calendar is prepared by the student’s tutor in collaboration with the tournament coordinator and always taking into account the exam periods so that the student can adequately combine the competition with the studies.